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Ainscough Strategic Land is a wholly privately funded land investment company, specialising in the acquisition and promotion of land interests throughout the UK.

We have a simple business structure and are not reliant on any third party funding or management; in everything we do therefore we are able to act promptly, with confidence and commitment, unaffected by any external influence.

Ainscough Strategic Land is not a house building company, nor a development firm. Our business is focussed solely on using our land and planning expertise to identify and secure land development opportunities, to unlock potential and add value through the planning process before progressing to an open market competitive disposal.

The main elements and outputs of our business are as follows:

    Planning Promotion Agreements

  • We enter into planning promotion agreements with landowners, whereby we promote the land through the planning system at our own cost and risk whilst the landowner retains ownership of the land. Once the value of the land has been maximised through a planning permission, the site is then sold on with a profit share arrangement in place. This enables the landowner to keep possession of the land whilst we bring both our professional expertise and financial resources to negotiate the many challenges and opportunities set by the UK planning system. The aim is always to optimise land sale values and disposal receipts to mutual benefit. The arrangement is a true partnership and from day one our interests, namely to quickly secure best value, are wholly aligned.
  • Acquiring freehold land outright

  • We acquire freehold land outright for promotion through planning and early disposal. As well as giving us flexibility this gives us a unique insight into the challenges and ambitions of being a landowner in our own right.
  • Leading effective partnerships

  • In our role as either owners or promotion partners, Ainscough Strategic Land takes pride in leading effective partnerships with local authorities, stakeholders and third parties. We lead multi-disciplinary teams to unlock planning solutions, tackling complex challenges and thus enabling Council officers and Members to deliver tangible outputs against their policy aspirations.
  • Supplying the development industry

  • We are a major supplier to the development industry, utilising all our planning and land expertise to deliver market facing, consented and developable land to national and regional housebuilders as well as retail and leisure operators.

We do all of this in the knowledge that whilst planning has been described as the ‘art of compromise’ our key driver is always the need to realise maximum land value.

Ainscough Strategic Land are currently managing over 1120 acres of land, comprising over 6,600 residential units and 1,000,000 sqft of ancillary commercial and retail space. Projects range from small freestanding residential sites through to difficult brownfield regeneration challenges and large scale sustainable urban extensions. We are able to invest over either the short, medium or long term and are geared up to drive early planning applications where circumstances allow or engage in the longer Local Plan process where necessary.

Wherever we work, we bring a personal, passionate and dedicated service, where no stone is left unturned in the task of securing an advantageous planning consent and maximising disposal value.

Land and Planning from Ainscough Strategic Land

Thoughtfully achieving potential