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If you are a landowner or control land interests, why would you choose to work with Ainscough Strategic Land?

In short, because we live and breathe land promotion and the sale of development land.

We have a proven track record and from day one our respective interests are entirely aligned, with the mutual focus being to maximise the planning and market attractiveness of land so as to achieve best value on disposal.

We have no other interests; we are not housebuilders nor are we developers. Our profits are only made when land is sold, and our motivation is to ensure that any sale achieves best market value. Our objective is to secure effective planning as quickly as possible whilst bargaining hard in respect of matters such as Section 106 costs and affordable housing. We do not land bank, rather we look to progress to disposal as soon as is practically beneficial and conditions are judged favourable.

We are constantly monitoring house builder activity and know at any one time which company is more active in the market place. Offers are invited on a competitive, open market basis, utilising agency inputs where necessary so to ensure the highest possible price is achieved.

We have an unrivalled combination of financial and professional resources which we bring to bear on each and every project; we assemble ‘best in class’ professional and consultancy teams, bespoke to each project, so as to maximise the planning prospects of every site.

Our planning promotion partnership approach contrasts starkly with that of a housebuilder, who would traditionally proceed by way of an option arrangement, with land values being fixed either by agreement or further to a RICS valuation. Neither delivers the value of an open, competitive marketing exercise.

Housebuilders derive their principle profits from selling houses; their fundamental objective is to secure land with planning permission at the cheapest possible price in order to increase profit margins when houses are sold. To our mind this places them in fundamental conflict with the landowner’s principle objective of maximising the value of their land asset.

Land and Planning from Ainscough Strategic Land

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