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land promotion explained

land promotion

Our job is to work with commercial and rural landowners to unlock the value of their land via a land promotion agreement.

This involves us taking responsibility for promoting the land through the planning system at our cost and risk to secure permission for an alternative use – the construction of new homes or business space, for example.

Once planning permission is secured, we will manage the onward sale of the land to a developer, ensuring maximum value is obtained.

Planning permission greatly increases the value of land on a sale, allowing our landowner partners to use the capital receipt as they see fit. We always sell the land via an open-market bidding process, ensuring we secure the very highest value for the asset. After all, our clients only get to sell their land once.

Meeting landowners
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no cost, no risk

We fund the whole process ourselves, entirely at our risk, and only take our fee if and when the land is sold with the benefit of planning consent. Our fees are a percentage of the ultimate sale value, meaning our interests are completely aligned with the landowner’s. We are on the same team, working relentlessly to deliver the best result.

Throughout the process there is absolutely no financial risk or burden for our landowners, and the land can continue to be used for its current purpose up until the land is to be sold.

We know that the work we do on a landowner’s behalf is critically important to them. We play an important role in shaping the legacy they bequeath their family and the communities in which they own land. Creating a legacy and delivering value are our main aims too, so our landowners can rest easy in the knowledge that we will act in their very best interests.